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October 20, 2009


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Do you mean that the walls are concrete? Or the floor?

In any case, a picture rail . . . is that a piece of sturdy moulding that runs around the walls about an inch below the ceiling? If so, I have and use one now. I got the hooks (like a wide, flattened S hook, in brass) from my local picture framers. I use twine, but I guess there are classier things to use.


zp-The walls are actual concrete. Very fireproof, but a little awkward. To make a hole you drill with a masonry bit, I believe. Floor is wood.
Yes, that is a picture rail. I think most people use wire. The Victorians went in for ribbon bows and the like.

Lynn D.

I'd love to see "Dissolved" over the fire place. Some contemporary art would be stunning in a 1913 apartment. And since this is truly "your" place it should be something you picked out. That said, I hope you find a nice spot for the Koerner.


I think you are right, Lynn, and the only problem will be if "Dissolve" turns out to be too large for the spot..it's very big.

Shirley Kelly

I love the second picture (woman floating on back). I think it draws the mind in and reminds one to relax.

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