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October 27, 2009


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Lynn D.

Radiator pipe holes? What kind of heat do you have now? I must admit I am rather fond of the hissing and clanking of radiators. Is the glass to the dining room part of a pocket door that can be closed? I'd love to see a floor plan, however imperfect.


I must confess, I don't understand the heating system. There are still some radiators present, Lynn, but I think it is some sort of combination affair. The heat and electricity are included in the co-op payment, and there are no individual heat controls in the apartments...something which would be a deal killer for a lot of people, I suppose.

Central air is also unavailable, and you have to pay extra for each air conditioner you use, based on the btus. None on windows facing the courtyard are allowed as it is a historic building and they don't want uglies sticking out.

If you want an electric stove (I don't), that is an extra charge too. I will probably regulate the heat in the winter by throwing open some windows... environmentally unsound, I know. However, I was brought up by an English mother, and tend to think it will be somehow unhealthy if I don't need a sweater indoors.

I am still working on a floor plan. It's not just imperfect...it's wrong, wrong, wrong...


PS The glass to the dining room isn't part of a door and don't move. There are brass bits in the floor, indicating that there were once doors between them. I've been in several other apartments, and haven't seen one yet where those doors remain in place. There were similar indicators of doors gone by between the living room and dining room of my old house.

Edward M.

One surmises they don't want you hanging your laundry out to dry in the courtyard either. (News of the day carries related concerns from all over.) What about the fire escape? I know . . . up on the rooftop! Nahrishkeit aside, if they'll allow you to go up there, wouldn't you love to indulge your twin interests of food and gardening by creating a little gem of an agricultural plot? Some of the TV chefs are shown raising specialized produce atop their buildings. Good place to watch fireworks too.


That all sounds like fun, Eddie, but I expect I will be limiting myself to indoor plants in the sunroom and a few hardies on the fire escape. I do, actually, think it's a pity that hanging one's laundry to dry tends to horrify neighbors in the city, but there you are. They do have garden allottments at the Homewood Cemetary, and I'm on the waiting list for one.

Edward M.

Aren't we all on their waiting list!


True indeed, Edward, sir. I tried to phrase this in a way that would not immediately suggest that interpretation, by avoiding the word "plot"! But you caught me!

Edward M.

Verily, Fiordiligi, a lovely catch.

Kathy Carbone

I imagine your apartment would look real cozy. Please post some more pictures! Those shelves sure need a lot of books and trinkets; it would make a lovely backdrop for your fireplace.

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