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October 13, 2009


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Lynn D.

Gosh, Lindy, you are going to have a lot of fun. I hope you are in possession of the key tonight.


Hi Lynn! All is well, two sets of keys, and and Bill the carpenter has already been in to measure for the bookcases. I'm very excited.

Baking Soda

Hi Lindy! Congratulations on this big step and what a gorgeous place it is! I'm absolutely smitten with the fireplace and the bookcases, and those baywindows! (Is that the proper name for them?) Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!


Hi Karen. Thanks, I really love it. Yes, a bay window is what it is. Those bookcases you see are on the way out, and built-in ones are going in, on either side of the fireplace.

Rosalie McCreary

Hi Lyndy!
I came across your website while looking for recipes and how to for pectin. I love your new home! What fun to be able to start from scratch and do your own thing!
My purpose in writing is to find out about this pectin recipe you posted. You mention a lemon but you don't indicate whether one peels, slices or squeezes the lemon into the apple juice and sugar mixture. I have lots of apples that need to be culled from a tree that was not "thinned" of fruit at the proper time this spring and I thought it would be fun to make pectin for berry jams. My husband remembers his Mom making "apple jelly" w/cinnemon for toast and I thought that would be fun too. So please help me out here w/the lemon so I can get started!
Thanks for your time and I really like your website!
Rosalie McCreary

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