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October 17, 2009


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Lindy, how exciting and how I agree w/you about not leaping into the kitchen reno too soon. I'm delighted to see you'll have a gas stove and of your own choosing, too!

When I'm moving into a new place, my first cooking choice is almost always to roast a chicken - establishing my claim and ownership. There's something about the fragrance and the celebratory aspect of a roast chicken. Invariably it's that lovely roast chicken w/2 lemons from Marcella Hazan which I've been making for years.

I wish you many years of happiness in your gracious new abode.



I like the idea of easing into this kitchen too.

And I've had good results painting cheap veneer - a thorough sanding goes a long way.

I meant to comment on the last post; are you planning to keep the adorable vintage wallpapers? Or are they not that adorable close up?

And I'm still in New Haven, CT.


Foodelf: I agree wholeheartedly about the roast chicken; it is just the thing. I have been getting 2 free range chickens per month with my farmbox, and will be freezing one for the occasion.

zp: Most of the wallpaper is coming down, now or later. It is not in very good shape except for the dining room and the hall. The dining room is an overpowering, large crewelwork-looking fabric. It is actually very classy, but won't work with my stuff.
I am keeping the red and white bandana-ish wallpaper in the hall, for now, at least, and just painting the woodwork there. I actually quite like it, though everyone else thinks it's ugly-except maybe you (?), and my painter.
The sort of grasscloth paper in the living room is in bad shape, and peeling. the same paper is also in the 2nd bedroom and "maid's room", but I can't afford to do that yet...taking down wallpaper includes patching plaster-expensive.


Yup. I love the crewelwork-looking fabric AND the bandana-ish wallpaper. Perfect for a hall! Maybe not a whole room . . .

Grasscloth I removed - ug - from our little dining room in Pittsburgh and the walls beneath did need some serious TLC afterward.

And I just saw the bit about the promise of a stove from the Sears Scratch and Dent - in Lawrenceville? The one we bought there was the best stove and oven I've ever had! I miss it. I've had no success with No Knead Bread since I left.

Baking Soda

Yes, definitely wait till you get a feel of the place, if you can have a go at painting the cabinets, I did that in a 20yr old kitchen and it worked beautifully.
I'm getting myself familiar with buying my first stove as well pfff scary and fun!

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