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October 22, 2009


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I am having a good time as you change/remodel and move into your new home. I had missed you from Toast, continuing to check back there from time to time. Thanks for sharing your journey.


Lindy, I'm filled with admiration and envy. The proportions of the rooms seem graceful and elegant and I love those glimpses of built-ins, nooks and crannies.

I could easily picture myself in the sunroom with a glass of wine, browsing through cookbooks.

I'm trying to decide whether to launch into an ambitious & expensive (for me) reno of my little post-war bungalow or whether to sell and focus on a condo. I'd really miss my garden, but both the house and garden have become physically and financially demanding.

However, if I had spotted your treasure of a co-op, I would have happily snapped it up immediately.



Melynda- So glad you came along for the ride. I expect I will eventually go back to posting on Toast as well, once I am fairly well settled in to the kitchen.

foodelf- I am very lucky in this respect to be living in Pittsburgh, where real estate is both exceptionally well-priced, and relatively stable.I could not have afforded anything like this anywhere in NY or California- that's for sure.

One neat thing about the co-op is that utilities and real estate taxes are included in the monthly assessment, as are repair/upkeep costs- so it should be a lot easier to keep things on an even keel money-wise than it was with a house.

Cedrick Finly

The sun room looks pretty decent, actually. It may not be the all-glass wall construction of other sun rooms but it still fulfills the purpose of using natural lighting to light up a room. I want to see the new sun room, I hope you can post pictures soon.

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