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November 13, 2009


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I smiled when I read your remarks about the 8x11 samples you painted - I ALWAYS do that. I've also got a folder of them to reference for my own records as well as lending to colour-researching friends.

Can't wait to see the results of the painting and of course, you'll be moving within about a week. I'm glad you've got help for the packing.


Edward M.

Well, a week contains seven days, so for want of a more specific actual moving day, let's say the magic number is . . . . . SEVEN!


Hello friends. I am in a frenzy of packing and throwings-out of stuff, last minute free-cycle postings, and arrangements. I am going over tonight to get my first look of painting in progress, and with luck may get a few photos to post. The daylight will be gone, though, so they will have to be flash, I guess.

Moving days are Monday and Tuesday, but won't have internet access there until Wednesday at the earliest, when cable-guy is supposed to come hook me up and plug me in. In the interim, I can still get calls, texts, and email on my cellphone-if I remember to keep it properly charged up.

Lynn D.

Best wishes for an easy move. How are the cats holding up? I assume you will be preparing a full Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday?


Hello Lynn.
Thanks. The cats are already bonkers, and they haven't even seen a stranger yet, or been inconvenienced in any way. They are justifiably puzzled over the suitcases being out, yet empty, and keep sniffing them disapprovingly.

Mostly, though, I think they are miffed with me because they have deduced that these carryings-on are in no way designed to meet their needs. All other activities are viewed as mildly annoying, at best.. They seem to be getting on each others' nerves as well.

I am contemplating many different possibilities for dealing with them in the moving process, and (gulp) actually moving them. All of the possible choices are fraught. Still, the day will no doubt come where all of this is water under the bridge.

Lucky for me, my brother is a fine cook, and will be taking the turkey reins (picture that, eh?) this year . I have traded him for XMas eve.

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