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November 04, 2009


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I had a lot of great experiences with the Pittsburgh Freecycle-ers! A wonderful chapter of a very cool group, IMO.

Lynn D.

I sort of run my own freecycle. A lot of state workers pass by our house during their lunch/fitness breaks. I've left a lot of stuff marked free out recently (fast growing oak tree in a tiny pot, a chair I never refinished with some sandpaper thrown in, and most recently our ugly stereo cabinet) and they've been gone in 2 days at most. Now I have boxes of vinyl in a closet and am contemplating a record to CD machine or having it done by a geek.


Lynn- So why am I am essentially unsurprised that we more or less simultaneously gave away our ugly old stereo cabinets?

Of course, I have been thinking about doing my vinyl to CD as well, or perhaps just getting a gizmo to transfer them to MP3 format. Im still keeping a little turntable, though.

The young woman who took the stereo stuff was almost overwhelmingly grateful, which was sweet.

Edward M.

Vinyl, CDs, mp3, hi-fi, stereo. Thank goodness I succeeded in casting off the tyranny of audio . . . . a little table radio suits me fine now. The vanquished apparatus, however, remains in situ in this packrat's den.

Midst the clutter sits a stack of Capitol records from fifty years ago, still in shrink wrap. (They allowed us to buy our own recordings at a discount. Would it have killed them to just give 'em to us for free?) I think the only way I'll ever be able to move out of here, is to maintain this place as a warehouse.

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