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November 20, 2009


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Lindy - I just love the colours, regardless of flash/night-time effects, they're very close to some of my personal favourites. What a great job the painters are doing.

Best of luck with the last flurry of packing and organizing and with the move ... SO exciting!



The colors look lovely! Soothing and yet stimulating...!! The painters are doing a wonderful job.


Oh, I'm glad you like them too. I was there this afternoon, midst fussing with stuff here, and dealing with a perfectly sweet junkman, who took my excess useless mess away for a song. (I finally put up the money and joined Angie's list, which is where I found him. He is a true paragon among junkmen, and separates recyclables with great care. I do not think it would be excessive to say he was "jolly", either. )

The colors do indeed look like this in the light- at least on my monitor, it's quite accurate. They will be painting my bedroom, and putting the white shutters back in tomorrow. Cutting it pretty close, we are.


I too appreciate a good paint job, and not one that I would produce! Not only can I not see straight, I cannot paint straight. Rather a problem if you want a nice and crisp job. So far this is coming together nicely.

Arlene Wise

Yes! The colors are very nice. I do like them better on the walls than on the cardboard--although maybe you could hang that depiction as a "modern" landscape.

Sounds like you'll be in home for the holidays. Enjoy!


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