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November 11, 2009


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Edward M.

Whaddaya mean it's not a word? If you choose to utter it, IT'S A WORD. Years ago, in my salad days, shooting pool in the second floor den of iniquity at Murray and Phillips, I mishandled the cue stick, sustaining a degree of pain. My anguished howl: "Almost done exthumbulated m'self."

Edward M.

What about contacting the manufacturers of Formica or other trade name laminates to ask if their products will take paint? (In this case, icky might be a word best not uttered.)


I like the idea of painting the walls, not cabinets. I'm partial to yellows, greens, maybe a pumpkin-y color to warm up the kitchen instead of the white? On the right, where you want to put the cart, it looks like there is a sort of chair rail - ? You could leave that white and paint above & below, maybe paint the below part a shade darker than the above color? I like the idea of replacing the hardware on the cabinets, too - even if not stainless, there's lots of very cool hardware out there now.

Arlene Wise

I note that the eHOW website has two articles on painting laminated cabinets--seems to involve cleaning them, removing hardware, sanding and applying a primer. Just google "paint laminate cabinets for this and other information.

In short, it looks doable.

Love your new place!



N- I do like the idea of switching the hardware and painting the walls, I'm just worried that the cabinets will still be too ugly to bear. On the other hand, it has been suggested that the ugly cabinets would serve as a reminder to hurry up and save to replace them.

Thanks, Arlene, I was wondering about sanding them. No one at AT had addressed that question...I wasn't sure what sanding might do to a plastic surface.

Lynn D.

I too, love the windows and door in your kitchen. It reminds me of my grandmothers kitchen. Hers was painted a nice very light cream color (come to think of it it could have been white, stained with cigarette smoke!)and had two red pinstripes up around the ceiling. We have businesses here called Reface It, which will reface your cabinets and even counter tops. What floor are you on? What about the laundry situation? It'd drive me nuts that the painters aren't at it. You'll have to wait awhile before you can put your books on the shelves. (And by the way, your "Billy" bookcases look a lot nicer than the ones from IKEA.)


Hi Lynn- The apartment is on the second floor- and there is an elevator, as well as the marble stairs...the elevator deserves a post all by itself-purportedly the first "automatic" elevator in Pittsburgh- it is ridiculously cute.

The laundry situation is much less cute, and will need a bit of dealing with- more on that later, too. However, until I deal with it, there is a perfectly good laundromat right round the corner...just by the really nice coffee shop, antique stores and various restaurants.

Edward M.

I'll bet Jim The Sandman and Diane The Painter both would give you solid professional opinion on re-doing the cabinets. And as you've already given them major assignments, perhaps they'd work with you, budget-wise, to actually do the job. No muss, no fuss, no bother.


Eddie-'Fraid the budget for such things is on empty for the time being, as to having pro help, even with special budget rates! I don't mind doing stuff myself when I can, and enjoy figuring out how I might do it.It's really more a question of whether I can do the job.

This is actually the first time I've ever had professional painters...I quite like painting. But the last time I painted my apartment, I realized that I really am getting old now! It took me FOREVER. So I treated myself to as much classy pro painting as I could afford with this move. But I'll have to save up if I want more...I still have movers to pay, and I'm having them help me pack, as well.

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