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November 07, 2009


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Great looking stove, Lindy - I think you're going to be very happy together. I've had the gas-convection combination in the past and like you, it wasn't my first choice as I'd hoped for the electric convection oven. However, it turned out to be serendipitous when I became accustomed to it and was ultimately the best stove/oven I'd ever had. The oven was superbly accurate which - strangely, took a a bit of getting used to. The stainless is a breeze to keep clean and can be polished like a dream with a drop of WD40 (an inexpensive appliance showroom trick).

The apartment seems very large and I've been trying guess its size. Would estimate about 1200 sq.ft?



Thanks, foodelf. I am encouraged. And I do so like its looks, too.
What was the manufacturer of that oven you had?

I'm not actually sure of the size of the apartment, but it is probably rather less than 1200. The 1913 prospectus explained that the public rooms (living and dining) are quite large, while the less public rooms (2 beds and bath) are cozy, and the servant-related rooms (kitchen, pantry, "maid's room" (aka 2nd bath including tiny extra space for Cinderella to sleep) are, kind of, well, spare, shall we say.

I suppose this was all about the appearance of being a fancier, more "respectable" sort of person than one could actually afford to be. Or something like that. It is not an approach to homemaking that has entirely vanished over time, I think.

I am going to have some trouble fitting my bedroom furniture into my bedroom, and I haven't really got all that much stuff! I actually love the size and shape of the kitchen, preferring to cook in a galley style space, vs. a big farmhouse one, because of the walking around/efficiency factor. And I ladore having a proper pantry.

Edward M.

How are household goods brought in? Elevator? Stairs? Fire escape? I am NOT going to guess helicopter.

Now and again throughout your blogs, you have applied the word lazy to yourself. I'll debate you on that.


Hi, Lindy ... that's SUCH a good-looking stove. Mine was a Viking; one of those commercial-for-home types. It was extremely powerful (don't remember the btu stats, though). I had to be very careful that my pots and pans didn't get scorched along with their contents. Something I had never considered was that any wooden spoons/utensils left in a pot of soup, stew, etc., resting against the side of the pot (All-Clad) got very scorched, too.

I know you're going to love your Bosch.

Love the concept of public & private rooms!

How is the painting proceeding?


Mary Worstell

What a lovely stove it is!!! Yum.


Eddie- I will be leaving the decision to the movers. They do not have a helicopter,but all the other options are available.
Foodelf- The painting has not yet begun, as the painters are finishing their outside work while the weather holds. There are more than 2 weeks until I move in, so I'm not yet totally panicked.
I do think it's a cutie, Mary.

Baking Soda

I can totally relate to the dreams ánd the wake-up call considering prices vs possibilities, going through the change myself. It is fun to see how different appliances/availabilities are in other countries. For instance a gas oven here can be done but dual fuel has to be ordered as such and is made to order. All you see/buy here are electric /convection (fan assisted?) ovens. People here tend to use gastops but as of late ceramic/induction hobs are the hit. I still prefer gas burners so that's what I've been looking at. (I'd love this one: http://www.andico.com.au/productpages/falcon/toledo110.html)
Currently I'm inclined to either Boretti/Smeg with a larger oven 90cm instead of two separate ones meaning I would have one regular sized and one very small sized oven. Sigh. Decisions...
Yours looks very sturdy and capable, good choice!

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