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January 02, 2010


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What I see: Big windows, lots of bookcases, comfortable furniture, just the right amount of color and a fireplace. Very cozy.

The mantle does seem an odd place for the electrical outlets. I wonder what the original designer was thinking--lamps on the bookcases? Or maybe it's not unusual in buildings of that age and style. Adds a bit of eccentricity and that's a plus.

Really, I think you're very lucky to have this pleasant and comfortable home.


Happy new year, glad your holidays were enjoyed. Moving is such work, but already your new digs seem comfortable. You have only just begun on making it "your own". Enjoy.


THe furniture r so comfortable.....Lucky to have it in ur home...


very cozy and nicely organized-for someone who had lived there a year, much less just moved in. I don't really think you can ever have to many books....as long as you love the ones that you have. One think I notice is that you have several colors that are competing slightly. Reds, browns, white, green, turquoise. I can tell that you have objects around that you love but I think you'd be able to see them more if the palette of the room was more unified. Maybe have the chairs redone in the same color?

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I think that your apartment looks good compared with the people I now of *ehem* *ehem* but it would be great for you to reupholster the two chairs that you have near the fireplace as it does not really complement the color of the apartment. I think it is somewhat ghastly. It would look good if you put a chenitz fabric, not too much though as it would look overly done. I do understand that you have just move in, this are just some of the things that I think that your apartment needed. You can also add some cheap beach chairsĀ if you have a porch or a balcony with it.

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