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July 24, 2005



What a great idea Lindy. I have been thinking in making some pectin myself, but I thought that you did not add sugar. I was planning to keep the pectin, I mean the apple juice like that and freeze it. Then I would thaw the containers and use in jellies or jams as I needed.

At least that is what I remember from my Madame Benoit's cookbook, but maybe I should consult my Christine Farber's jam cookbook. I bought it recently and have not yet looked through it.


My first thought was that green apples, like green tomatoes or pears that never soften, would make a good chutney. I should ask my parents for some since they have several apple trees on their Somerset County mountain property, and they will likely have returned to Florida before the apples are ripe. Anyway, I'm sure you have probably already searched the Internet for a suitable recipe, but the first one on this page strikes me as the sort of thing I'd try.


Oh dear, you inspired me to make apple and rosemary jelly today. I was given a small jar of this for Christmas made by a gourmet preserves company. It was so delicious with lamb, cold meats, etc, that I decided one day I would make my own. Could not resist after reading of your apple jelly making. I now have 4 jars of a lovely clear pinkish fragrant apple and rosemary jelly. Thanks!


Thanks! Just the thing I needed to use the apples my 3 year old son "kindly" picked for me!

Susan Roquemore

I live in SW Virginia and this year promises to bring a bumper crop of Northern Spy, York and Golden Grimes and I'd like to get a head start by selectively plucking.. before I get down to the serious canning in late summer/fall. Thank you for ideas on not wasting the green ones. SR

susan brill

Do you have a link to the conserve recipes using apple pectin? I'd love to see them and plan my berry acquistions!

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